Mark has not only edited projects for all of his small business, non-profit and individual clients, he has also edited projects for Hollywood’s major studios.  You can check out his work on behind-the-scenes special features on this trio of Frank Darabonte films for Castle Rock/Warner Bros. and HBO.



See the documentary “Hope Springs Eternal” for the behind-the-scenes retrospective of the incomparable “Shawshank Redemption” starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.



“Walking the Mile,” the behind-the-scenes doc of “The Green Mile” starring Tom Hanks is featured on this set.  This piece features a memorable visit to the set by The Green Mile author, Stephen King who unexpectedly ends up in the electric chair.




The making of “The Majestic” starring Jim Carrey was featured on HBO’s “First Look” Series.  Among other secrets, you will find out how a small coastal northern California town was transformed into the home of the fictional Majestic Theater.

For more information on these programs, see the editor’s section of  Mark’s IMDB page.


Mark is currently a staff editor for the TV show “On Duty with Santa Barbara Firefighters.”

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Featured Story: edRover

Recently, I worked on a great project for edRover, a company that takes the pain out of school fundraising with an innovative mobile app and online shopping solutions that help raise money for schools. Here’s some information from founder, Tania Mulry:


[quote]I needed to get the word out about my school fundraising program, and because it involved a very new type of technology, I knew it had to be shown, not just described! I have to admit, I was reluctant to reach out for help with videos because I was on a tight budget and quick timeline.

I called Mark and we quickly worked out a very reasonable budget and timeline for shooting and editing my videos. In fact, after the first round of videos got such a great response, I asked him to shoot another day’s worth of videos all over town. It was hot and such a tight schedule, but he was a real trooper and made every shot look great!

Working with Mark at Suzie Mark Productions has been a blast. He is so creative and calm during shoots that it really puts me and my clients at ease. I never worried about budget because Mark is very fair, honest and hard working. He definitely has a great eye for showing his subjects in the best possible light.

I have recommended Mark to friends for all kinds of video work because he is such a professional and does such great work. It was only after his great work on my projects that he revealed that he’s won an Emmy! What a humble guy!

Thanks for all of your great ideas and the extra super-duper videos, Mark![/quote]


edRover Video by Suzie Mark Productions

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