Sweetheart Ball

On February 20, 2016 the St. Nicholas Cathedral Ladies Society will present its 55th Sweetheart Ball.  If you are new to the Sweetheart Ball, take a look at this short video to see what it is all about.

Events leading up to the Sweetheart Ball begin in the Fall of 2015 with the Presentation Tea which will be followed by the Debutante Fashion Show, Father-Daughter Brunch, Parent-Escort Social, and finally the “Sweetheart Ball.”  Highlights of each of these events from 2013 can be seen below to give you a better idea of what the Sweetheart Ball is all about.  For more information, please email Caren Kouri at auntylulu@aol.com.

The Presentation Tea

Debutantes are introduced to the Ladies Society at the Debutante Presentation Tea, the first in the series of events leading up to the Sweetheart Ball.  The Debutantes are presented with their Sweetheart Ball pendant, the same pendant that has been given to the St. Nicholas Debutantes for generations.  At the tea, the tables are custom decorated for each debutante and after the introductions, tea and a light meal are served.  The video below is a short excerpt from the 2012 Presentation Tea.

The Debutante Fashion Show

For the second event, the Debutantes are asked to dig deep into their closets as well as those of their mothers and even grandmothers to show off outfits in the Debutante Fashion Show.  As the Debs walk the runway, a tribute they have written to their mothers is read.  Click on the video to see what these “Pretty Women” came up with last time around.

The Father-Daughter Brunch

The most intimate of the Sweetheart Ball events is the Father-Daughter Brunch, a very special opportunity for the Debutantes to share time and heartfelt words with their fathers. Here is a sample:

The Debutante-Parent-Escort Social

The Debutantes attend parties where they meet young men who will serve as their escorts on the night of the Sweetheart Ball.  Once the young ladies have chosen their escorts, a dinner is held for the Debutantes, Escorts, and their families.  It is a night full of fun highlighted by waltzing lessons!  See this video excerpt for the future Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers…

The Sweetheart Ball

Finally the big night arrives, the Sweetheart Ball; an elegant event at the world renowned Beverly Hilton Hotel where the Debutantes are presented to the community.  With several hundred guests on hand, the Debutantes are whisked around the stage by their fathers.  It is an evening of gowns, tuxedos, music, dining, dancing, and memories. Click to see a sample from the 2013 Sweetheart Ball.