Business Videos for Websites


Short videos for websites have quickly become a point of emphasis for Suzie Mark Productions.  Most businesses have websites, but not many have an effective video or even a video at all.  A SHORT video on your business website can set your company apart from others because the story behind your company – its mission, how it began, it’s personality – is different than any other.  Your company’s story is worth telling, and what better way to tell it than in pictures?

Below are a few samples of this kind of video, both from non-profit organizations I have been able to work with lately.  The first is edRover, a wonderful organization whose goal is to direct funds to classrooms all over the country so that schools can afford school supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment and more.  To learn more about this effort, go to  Meanwhile, here is the video we did for them.  Remember when it comes to the Web, shorter videos (2-3 minutes) are best.

Another terrific non-profit I have been working with is an organization called PLAN!T NOW which is devoted to helping children and adults prepare for and survive extreme weather events.  You can learn more about this non-profit at and its important work.  Here is a promotional video we did for PLAN!T NOW to promote a brand new on-line computer game they produced:


A video on your website is a great way to launch a new product as Original Gear did when it came time to introduce their new football training glove, the Z3, to potential customers.  Here is the video we produced for them.