Video Cookbooks

The newest of Suzie Mark videos is the video cookbook.  Written recipes are great, but there are so many recipes that need to be seen to be duplicated, especially if you cook like my grandmother did and didn’t actually measure anything!  If you asked her how much salt to add, she would say, “Oh, you know, as much as you need.”  Or my favorite, how long do you cook it?  “Until it’s done.”

This takes the guess work out of recipes, especially ethnic recipes which have their own techniques.  More importantly you will be preserving the recipes for future generations who can see the food being prepared first hand by the cook herself/himself.  Below is a short sample I shot in my kitchen.

To go along with the video cookbook, we can also produce a beautiful printed companion cookbook.

When I was in elementary school, the best fundraiser we ever had was when the parents provided recipes for a cookbook which was then assembled and sold by the PTA.  This got me thinking that the video cookbook can also be a great fundraiser for organizations, an entire video collection of recipes.