Non-Profit Projects

Mark Nassief has been fortunate to work with several non-profit organizations recently, each doing great work for completely different beneficiaries.  While working with these organizations, it became clear that there were two constants:  videos are an extremely effective way to get the word out and budgets are always tight which makes these two a good fit.  Mark knows how to tell a story and because he can write, shoot, edit, and produce the material in-house, he is a cost effective solution.

Here are some samples of work Mark has done with non-profit organizations of late.  We hope you will click on their links to learn about these groups that are doing tireless work to benefit children’s safety, schools, the hungry, and the arts.

PLANI!T NOW is a wonderful organization that specializes in helping children prepare for and survive extreme weather events like hurricanes, lightning, floods, tornadoes, winter storms, tsunamis, wildfires, and earthquakes.  Mark wrote and produced a free online video game for PLAN!T NOW, and wrote, edited, and produced this promotional video for the game.

edRover is a wonderful organization that allows adults to raise funds for school supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. for the classroom of their choice anywhere in the country. This video is an overview of the project.

Canstruction LA is a fun event that raises food, funds, and awareness for the Los Angeles Foodbank.  Take a look at this video from their 2013 competition to see how they do all this by building structures out of cans of food.

And finally, the Santa Clarita Master Chorale is made up of volunteer voices dedicated to bringing live choral music to the Santa Clarita Valley.