Mark Nassief’s television career goes back to 1988 (yes, television was in color back then) when he went to work for the ABC affiliate in Fort Smith, AR.  Working in both the news and sports departments, Mark learned to shoot, edit, direct, and produce TV shows (75 live 20 minute weekend sports wrap-up shows by the time he left).  He also spent time on camera where he anchored the sports segment during the news, jumped out of airplanes,  interviewed athletes, rodeo stars, and turtles (yes, turtles), met the future President of the United States, and earned two Associated Press Awards.

Mark moved back to his native California to write and produce nationally syndicated sports programs specializing in college and professional football for GGP Sports just outside San Francisco.  On the college side he toured the country for the show he produced, “Race for #1,” writing, directing, and producing segments in places like Tuscaloosa, Alabama;  South Bend, Indiana; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.  On the pro side he began by writing and producing segments for the John Madden Super Bowl Special and later wrote and produced his own Super Bowl Specials with Dick Enberg and Dan Dierdorf.

Before he left GGP, Mark was loaned to NBC Sports as an Associate Director for the Games of the XXV Olympiad in Barcelona, Spain (1992).  It was a thrill and professional highlight to be a part of the Olympic coverage for NBC, and work that earned him an Emmy Award.

Since then, Mark has written for ESPN, PR pieces for ABC’s “The View,” and the Rosie O’Donnell Foundation, and continues today to work as a freelance writer and producer.